Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Cat in the Anniversary Hat

The Cat in the Hat was first published 50 years ago today (12th March, 1957). Here is the history and here is the celebration site. It remains one of the ten best selling children's books of all time.

For us it was The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (the 1958 sequel) that remains the favourite. It was read to our first born so many times that, at the age of 3, she was able to convince parents of other children that she could read. She would sit there and go through all 40 pages without error. Surely, only a reader could do that! But no, she had heard it so many times that she knew it by heart. And so, of course, did we.

What this meant is that by Child No.3, that book hadn't come back out. I noticed the other day when I looked for it that it was the 40th Anniversary Edition. How time flies ...