Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Avoiding bag eggs

A story today that babies can sort out the good sorts from the bad and potentially avoid trouble. Well, at least the research is suggestive of that.

It is consistent with our experience. Our eldest, before the age of 1, had worked out which other kids might take toys or otherwise annoy here. Her strategy was to scream loudly whenever they came within a metre of her. That proved quite effective in getting the attention of adults and scaring those children away.

Our son, on the other hand, would simply avoid them. If one of those children came towards him he would drop the toy and move away. This concerned me somewhat but then I noticed that the child usually lost interest in the toy about a minute later and my son would swoop back in and pick it up without the other child noticing. He worked completely under the radar and clearly had worked out that toys were not lost forever.

I didn't observe any such things with our third child. Going on chances, for all I know, she might be one of the troublesome ones. Although she is by far the most social of our children so it is hard to tell what this means.