Thursday, June 12, 2008


It has been one month since the EconomistMom blog was launched by Diane Rogers, an economist with a long-standing career in public policy and who has accumulated 4 kids along the way. I wanted to link to it in a post as I am reading it. My problem is that I couldn't decide whether it should be at Core Economics or here.

Today, she asked the world who was out there and confronted her own classification dilemma. So I have decided to put a link here. It is not that her posts remind of parenting. They are not of the kind, well if I take my economics knowledge and apply it to children what do I get? (I guess that is my domain). They are of the kind, if I take what I learned raising my kids and applied that to economic policy, what happens?

And what happens? My impression is a ton of looking to the future and lots of fiscal discipline.