Monday, June 8, 2009

Negative christmas

As regular readers know, I have long been concerned about the growth in useless stuff that comes with children. In our household, I am the only one who throws out stuff. I have to go on annual raids of various closets and toy boxes and do a cull.

Today, Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) proposes a day for a limited version of this called 'Negative Christmas.'
I just invented a new holiday. It's called Negative Christmas. On this day, rather than giving gifts, you can force a family member or friend to discard one item that he or she already owns. The selected item might be a hideous shirt that you consider an abomination, or that pair of bedroom slippers that are an insult to all footwear. The idea is that the unrecipient should be better off without the item you ungift.
He proposes June 25 as the date for this. I have one question: do you have to celebrate Christmas to be part of this one?