Friday, July 16, 2010

Camp and candy

As regular readers know, my eldest daughter is at summer camp. Her mother did not believe she should bring any 'special treats' to camp. This is part of the general belief that special treats should been restricted at every opportunity. I, on the other hand, was pretty sure that treats were a key part of the camp experience. When dropping her off, I snuck in a few things but it was clear that it wasn't going to last the two weeks. Her cabin mates had large stashes and clearly more neglectful or loving parents depending on your perspective.

Now while I could have sent her a care package, moving to large quantities in secret seemed too much. So instead I opted for shameless manipulation. I told my daughter that she should write a letter immediately saying citing social problems as a result of her treat poverty. 

"You mean that I can't make any friends because I don't have treats to share?"

"No, more like 'I feel left out because others have more.'"

We received a letter on cue reading "Dear Mum and Dad, I love it here! But I do feel a little left out because I have the smallest amount of treats." etc. Suffice it to say, a care package is on the way  (with home-made Anzac biscuits and M&M's) and also we have just given her an incentive to write more. What is more I have begun a process of passing on what small knowledge of intra-household manipulation to my daughter. So we can classify it under "education."