Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics

My 10 year old son discovered The Cartoon Introduction to Economics: Volume One Microeconomics by Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman lying around the house and couldn't put it down. Here is his review ...

The Book "A Cartoon Introduction to Economics, volume one" was really helpful. Before I read the book I would always look at my Dad's computer and all I could see was a meaningless combination of numbers, letters, and symbols a few of which I had never seen before. I only knew one thing, this had something to do with economics. The book made me see what all this gibberish was supposed to mean. Instead of describing "The Invisible hand" and "Pareto improvements" in Economic um... language, it describes Microeconomics in casual English. Although I still don't know what ¬8=ƒ^!+$∂% means (it probably doesn't mean anything, I just typed in random things*), I have a small understanding what it could mean. I also bet that (keep in mind that I'm risk-neutral, so I don't mean it literally) other 10 year olds would also understand Microeconomics after reading the book.

*I know what it means! It means $6%+f^!=¬(2+0.5+4+1.47+0.03)!

Suffice it to say, he can't wait for Macroeconomics which he believes will surely be bigger and better.