Sunday, November 13, 2011

Puss in Boots

I guess I have been MIA from this blog of late. Moving to Canada has its challenges but after a couple of months normality is resuming. So hopefully I can pop back here more regularly.

Anyhow, yesterday we saw our first family movie for some time, Puss in Boots. This time I actually stayed awake through the movie which is, at least, saying something. Anyhow, this was a Shrek spin-off that built broadly on the theme of fairy tales -- mixing as it were the tales of Puss in Boots, Humpy Dumpty and Jack in the Beanstalk. Suffice it to say, that mix held together more strongly than the Star Wars prequels but that isn't much of a standard to meet. 

Puss in Boots was a solid movie peppered with plenty of jokes to keep adults happy and kids unaware. Ultimately, it wasn't a fairy tale but an adventure with flashbacks for character development, betrayal and a satisfying resolution. It's not a classic or a 'must see' but it is 'writhe-free.' That is, you can watch it without recoiling in agony. Basically, if you are engaging in a multi-parent negotiation over who takes which child to what movie over the coming months, this movie is a good one to put your hand up for.