Sunday, June 18, 2006

Formula Dreamworks fails

Last week, I reviewed Cars and generally applauded the Pixar Formula. I was optimistic that Dreamworks -- the studio that brought us the Shrek movies and Madagascar might be also be on to some good formula. I hoped that Over the Hedge would live up to those standards and expose the formula for all to see. Alas, it was not to be.

Over the Hedge has some great voices for the characters, including William Shatner and Eugene Levy, but just does create any magic. There aren't even the 'in' jokes you would expect and the whole message is both unsubtle -- consumer society bad -- nor really convincing -- therefore, we should, umm, eat good organic food or something. Actually, there is no 'solution' and it is not clear there is a problem. So I can't imagine any child will leave the movie with the feeling that the pursuit of donuts is anything but noble and worthwhile. Not that they should have to but given that at some point that must have been the intention of the writers, this is particularly sad.

So I can offer no 'must see' draw for this one. It isn't even a must see DVD. Instead, stay tuned because the most interesting thing about my experience this day was the usual game going on regarding seating. (Here is the link to that diatribe)