Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too much reality?

A new addition to our household this weekend is Guitar Hero for Sony Playstation. This game follows in the line of interactive, musical games including Donkey Konga (with bongos), Singstar (with Singing) and various dance mat games. This one, as the title suggests, involves a guitar but the same basic idea: keep the beat and hit as many notes as you can.

The closest comparison in terms of activity for this game is air guitar. But it is there that Guitar Hero is a wake up call. The beauty of air guitar is that it is just that air. There is no accountability. With Guitar Hero you find out pretty quickly how good you may have been. And if you are like everyone who played this in our house this weekend, the answer is 'not very much or appaulingly bad.' Moreover, the game reinforces the point as the crowd starts booing and eventually boots you off the stage.

So if you have a budding guitar hero in your household and you want to stop that short, get this game. It is a wake up call to some sense of reality. Either that or you just stay a hero in your own mind.