Sunday, May 6, 2007

Baby-sitting at the movies

In 2002, Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff wrote the following in Forbes:

* Baby-sitting at movie theaters--

If Ikea can make this idea work, why can't the local cineplex? For a fee parents could drop off their tots and go beeper-in-hand to that R-rated movie. The kids might watch videos in a day care room or, better yet, be chaperoned to watch a G-rated movie in the next theater.

Well, we have 'crying rooms and sessions' now but that doesn't really make the movie experience much better. But a chain Muvico in the US has gone the Ikea route. For $9 extra (a big saving on baby sitters) you can drop the kids in a playroom. They can play and you can go to the movies. Indeed, they will even show them movies. How much would you pay to not have to see Meet the Robinsons?