Friday, April 11, 2008

Birth song

[HT: David Pogue] If your child ever rises to greatness and gets a televised documentary about their life it will start something like this (done for me).
1968 was a time of change. But on a day when Archie Bell and the Drells topped the charts with "Tighten up," a new voice came into the world.
Wow, I had never even heard of that song. Guess I was too young. Anyhow, if you want to prepare a little historical file for your children, take a look at this site. You can look up the No.1 Billboard hit for any date in history. Buy the song, cut a CD and then hope your kids will have some way of playing it in forty years time. (We'll just add it to the box with their hospital tag and the newspaper of the day as well as the printout of CNN's webpage).