Thursday, April 10, 2008

Changing behaviour

I guess if there is one thing parenting is about it is trying to change a child's behaviour. In Slate, Alan Kazdin, a psychologist, looks at what not to do and what to do when trying to get your child to behave well. As I have noted before, to an economist, repeated punishment seems to be a sign of failure. However, the psychological viewpoint offers suggestions that might make things better.

Now, before anyone goes to the comments with stuff like, "I shout at my kids like my parents shouted at me and it is just fine," let me just advertise the article as 'something to think about.' Those come along every now and then and give us pause, for just a minute, to reconsider how we ourselves behave and whether it is doing good. This article is one of them.

For others, consider this one about praise and this one about goals.