Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 for DS

For my 7 year old son, his Nintendo DS is his lifeblood during the boring waiting bits of life -- like airplane travel and waiting for his sisters' activities to finish. Our two most recent game purchases on this have been outstanding.

The first is Drawn to Life. This involves you first drawing your hero and then playing a game. The drawing opens up all sorts of fun possibilities and my son loved this. The game itself is fairly standard but you can draw lots of bits for it and this makes it much more innovative.

The second is Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Basically, this involves traveling around a village, for reasons I haven't explored, and happening upon various puzzles that need to be solved. The puzzles are just great. For instance, one had 8 blocks and a set of scales. You are told one of the blocks is lighter than the others. You then have two opportunities to figure out which one it is. You don't need the game to work out what the right approach is but it is much more fun that way. My only problem is I kept hoping for my son to fail at working these out so I could have a go.