Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday party wars

You think you have dilemmas over what type and how much to spend on a birthday party for your 7 year old. Well, check out this story from Australia.
TWO warring parents who can't even agree on the location of their little girl's birthday have asked the Family Court to rule on where her party should be held and who should be invited.

It took a judge, three barristers, three solicitors and a day in court at an estimated $30,000 to work out where the girl should celebrate her seventh birthday.

... Her dad wanted to celebrate at McDonald's with gifts, balloons, his relatives, his new partner - and their seven-month-old baby girl.

Her mum wanted it to be on familiar ground at her daughter's usual play centre, with no relatives.

Me thinks that this is probably not about fundamentally differing birthday party philosophies. I guess in 20 or so years, some barristers may need to get ready for the wedding.