Friday, July 25, 2008


I am a sucker enthusiast for Leap products. We have accumulated a ton of them over the years from the LeapPad to the Leapster and various products in between. All of them have been quite good but when I think about it more carefully never quite as good as I had anticipated. Despite this I persist largely because the products seem so cool.

With this in mind, I purchased the Tag Reading System for my daughter's 4th birthday. This is an evolution of the LeapPad but doesn't require the pad but does require the expenditure on books. It is basically a pen and then you can buy books that the pen can read. Strictly speaking the books are just books but they give away downloads to the Tag pen that make it all work, play games and other things. They also allow the parent to monitor progress.

Well, my expectations were not necessarily high. But my daughter loves it; although I have to admit that it is more of a renewed interest in books than anything else. So there is precious little progress for me to actually monitor. Anyhow, given the choice between this and yet another cheap Hannah Montana toy, I am happy with my continued subsidisation of Leap's R&D costs.