Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So Child No.1 is currently not well. We don't know what it is but she hasn't wanted to eat for two days which is a bit of worry. I'm sure it can't last too much longer.

Anyhow, that didn't stop her and her mother having the following conversation today:
"Our school's library is so small. It doesn't even have 1000 books in it."

"I'm sure it has more than that. Just ask the librarian."

"It doesn't. Why bother?"

"OK, how about this? I will give you a chocolate frog if the librarian tells you there are less than 1000 books."

"Well, OK. But how will you tell whether I am lying or not when I tell you there is less than a 1000 books?"

"I can get your brother to ask too. He never lies."

"He might if I offer him half the chocolate frog."
Actually, he wouldn't but it was an interesting thought on how to corrupt someone. When she returns to school perhaps we will find out the answer.