Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to School iPad/iPhone Apps

Time to just point to some new iPad (and iPhone) apps that would suit the 'Back to School' buzz. (I've done this before).
  • Algebra Touch: This program is the the future teaching maths. It is hard to describe but it basically allows you to feel operators and equations. You move an expression to the other side of an equality and it becomes negative. There isn't perhaps as much material there as you might hope but what is there is well worth the $3. 
  • MathBoard: We have tried lots of apps that let you practice basic mathematical problems (you know the stuff that is pretty boring) and not surprisingly, they are pretty boring. This one is literally chalk and talk but it does the job and keeps attention going.
  • Slice It: This is a great game (and not just for kids although that can be your excuse). You are presented with some geometrical shapes and you have to slice them up into smaller pieces. It teaches symmetry and geometrical thinking.
  • The Pedlar Lady: this is a children's books. There are lots of them available but this one stands out as being original and also integrating very well with animated and not static pictures. Quite a few big words but my 6 year old loved it.
  • Puzzle Agent: This is a game that follows the investigation of a puzzle agent solving a mystery. I've only just started but it is a fun story with some fun puzzles along the way. The kids will love it.