Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Conflicting baby products?

Two posts side by side on Gizmodo today. One for a cot rocker:


Useful baby gadgets are pretty rare around these parts, but the Lullabub Cot Rocker is easily the best baby gadget on the market. This gadget consists of four modules that are placed underneath the legs of a cot or crib. It will then gently rock the crib automatically in a choice of four rhythms to help the baby go to sleep. It even includes a night light, automatic timer and a remote control.

And the other for these hands:

In zaky infant pillow


We're sure none of the offspring of our brilliant Gizmodo reading audience would be fooled by The Zaky, an ergonomic pillow that simulates the weight, touch and feel of the hands of a caring parent. But this is such a cute picture nonetheless, we couldn't resist showing it to you. Aww.

And so what would happen if you put the two together?

Actually, from my experience the cot rocker seems like a great idea.