Saturday, August 12, 2006

Promotional art

The picture to the left was by my daughter. It is not ordinary picture but in fact a poster promoting her forthcoming book "The Person and the Dragon." My scanner was too small so it cut off the top title "x's New Book." Also in the bottom right hand corner the words say "COMING SOON." You will also see a preview of the book's cover and one of the inside pictures. I have seen the book in production and the cover is the same and that image is on the inside. However, at current rates of writing, the coming may not be soon.

Now you might be wondering how she came to work on promotion for her book. I am wondering the same thing. It didn't come from any suggestion from her parents. You may find it hard to believe but "Wow, you are writing a book. Have you thought about your promotional strategy?" is not our usual reaction to these artistic endeavours. Instead, we discovered the promotion neatly adorning a wall and thought "wow, I didn't know you were even working on a new book." Typical, these days you only find out about your children's activities in the media.

I am not sure that this is a trend but similar incidentals have clouded other creative endeavours. For instance, last summer's attempt to make a blockbuster movie never really got past the interview with the 'Director' for the DVD Extras.

Of course, this all a bit more positive than what our son has taken to at the moment. He has started to make signs of rules around the house. Many of these are of the order of "don't touch this." He figures that if a sign is there is should be obeyed.

Some are a bit more annoying such as "don't use this door." He then gets upset when we do. I then explain, well it didn't say "please, don't use this door." This has resulted in more polite but still just as annoying signs.

It is hard for me to remember but these types of artistic endeavours seem a tad more instrusive then those we did in my day.